To Report A Crime


Welcome to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department Online Crime Reporting Page.  We have developed this page to give you more alternatives for filing a crime report with us.  On this page you can report misdemeanor crimes of vandalism, annoying/harassing phone calls, petty theft, and theft of mail*.  You can also make a lost property report here.

We want you to understand that you are always welcome to make your report by telephone (707-565-2650), or in person at one of our stations, or you can call our Dispatch Center (707-565-2121) to have a Deputy Sheriff respond to your location to meet with you for a crime report.  This page is here for your convenience if you prefer to use it.

Once you submit your online report, it will be reviewed by the Central Information Bureau and reformatted into our computerized reporting system.  If additional information is needed you will be contacted by telephone.  If no further information is required, a crime report number will be assigned to your incident and provided this number by e-mail and advised that your report has been approved.  At that time, copies will be available to you or your insurance provider on our standard fee basis.


*These are the only types of reports you can submit on this page:
*Vandalism reports for intentional property damage valued at less than $400 with no suspect information.
* Annoying/Harassing phone calls with no suspect information
*Petty theft with a loss of less than $400 with no suspect information
*Theft of mail with no suspect information
*Lost Property


This online reporting system is a "beta" effort, currently only available for incidents that occur in the unincorporated areas of the county.  We will continue to review this project with hopes of expanding this option to our contract cities of Windsor and Sonoma, where we provide police services.   



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