Sheriff's Latino Advisory Committee

The Latino Advisory Committee works collaboratively with the Sheriff to address and discuss issues that involve the Latino community and the Sheriff's Office as well as public safety in general. Members provide honest and specific input into decisions the Sheriff makes that do, or may, affect not only the Latino community but all citizens of Sonoma County. Additionally, members serve as a way to share information, both from the Sheriff to the Latino community, and from the Latino community to the Sheriff. The Committee meets directly with the Sheriff four times a year and communicates often with the Sheriff on issues that arise between the scheduled meetings.


Members are selected by the Committee itself, not the Sheriff. Members of the public who are interested in being on the Latino Advisory Committee should contact Wendy Hoffman at 565-3917.


Latino Advisory Committee - 2014


Ana María Álvarez Padilla
Ana was born and raised in San Francisco and moved to Sonoma County in 1998.  She attended parochial schools for 12 years.  Her interests are her faith (Catholic), working with the imprisoned, baseball, football, cooking, being active in the Latino Community, criminology, and being “Supermom.”  Ana and her husband married in 2001 and are the parents of four sons and one daughter.  Ana is motivated by pride in her heritage, a desire to build a strong community, and a commitment to promoting Restorative Justice.


Eddie Sandoval
Eddie has lived in Sonoma County for 33 years and owns a State Farm insurance agency here in Santa Rosa. He is married and has 2 children, ages 13 and 9.  Eddie is also a board member on the Elsie Allen High School Foundation.


Raúl Guerrero
Raúl has lived in Santa Rosa for 19 years.  He is currently a high school administrator in West County and has worked in various schools in Santa Rosa.  Raúl grew up in the areas of San Diego and Baja California and enjoys outdoor activities.  He is a strong believer in education, as it has opened doors of opportunity for him and has allowed him to open doors of opportunity for others.  Raúl is married and has two school-age children.


Herman J. Hernandez
Herman has lived in the Russian River community of Guerneville for 43 years, where he has run the family real estate brokerage business for 41 years.  Herman and his wife have two children.  As a member of the Russian River Rotary club, Herman is the community project director and very involved in the Latino Community, creating ESL and computer classes through a partnership with the Santa Rosa Junior College.  Herman believes in making a difference in Sonoma County and his local community.


Rebecca Hermosillo
Rebecca was born and raised and continues to live in Sonoma Valley.  She was the past director of Sonoma Valley Teen Services and has been a longtime advocate and supporter of youth, helping them excel as they transition into adulthood.  Rebecca is bilingual and currently works for Congressman Mike Thompson as a Field Representative.


Verónica Cruz
Verónica haslived in Sonoma County for 35 years and worked the last 28 years in public service.  According to Verónica, her most valuable contributions to society thus far are her 3 children that were born and raised in Sonoma County.  As a family, they have been a part of the Ursuline, Cardinal Newman, Cali Calmécac, Roseland University Prep, SRJC, UCLA, and UCSD communities.  She was a soccer mom and dance mom before these terms were coined; playing soccer, coaching soccer, supporting her children in Santa Rosa United Soccer Club and Ballet Folklórico for many years.  Verónica wants to use her experiences and leadership skills to demonstrate and share what the Latino Community has to offer to Sonoma County by participating in making positive changes.


Marcos Suarez

Paco Cano

Boris Sanchez

Eliot Enriquez

Todd Mendoza





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