R-Hoops is a Roseland based summer basketball program focused on offering Southwest Santa Rosa youth an opportunity to play basketball in a positive and safe environment.


R-Hoops is offered on Friday nights at the Roseland School from June through August.  The program provides approximately sixty kids between the ages of 10 to 16 years an alternative Friday night activity.


The program gives them a chance to stay out of gangs, away from drugs, off the streets and helps reduce teen violence in the community.  The program is completely free to participants, as the majority of the children come from low-income families.  Many children in the area are exposed to reactive law enforcement.  R-Hoops provides an opportunity for law enforcement to use a proactive approach and allows law enforcement to be seen in a positive light.  It is important that we gain the children’s trust.  This makes R-Hoops a key element of gang prevention.  When we ask the children and their parents to evaluate the program they tell us they like having a safe place to go and look forward to R-Hoops on Friday nights.


The Southwest Area Citizens Group (SWACG) started an open gym basketball program eleven years ago.  In August of 1997 members of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office took the leadership role in the program. 


The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office provides one coordinator for the program.  Personnel from the Sheriff’s Office along with other Sonoma County Law Enforcement employees and the community also volunteer their time.  Their involvement provides the children with positive role models.  The volunteers assist with coaching and supervision.


In addition to the basketball program, the program Deputy coordinates a yearly Halloween party and a Christmas gift giveaway for the R-Hoops participants and the Southwest Community.

R-Hoops is sponsored by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and Redwood P.A.L.


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