Assistant Sheriff - Main Adult Detention Facility

Randall Walker

Assistant Sheriff Randall Walker

Assistant Sheriff Randall Walker is a 21-year veteran of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office. Since his hire in 1991, he has worked a multitude of assignments and has gained invaluable experience and knowledge of all levels of supervision and management. As a Correctional Officer, Randall was assigned to several specialty positions. He then promoted to Sergeant in 1996 and supervised several programs and units including the Mental Health and Facility Training Programs. After his promotion to Lieutenant in 2001, he oversaw numerous teams and played an integral role in developing the Detention Division's Crisis Negotiations Team; the first of its kind in California. Randall promoted again to the rank of Captain in 2007 and was responsible for operations in both detention facilities.


As Assistant Sheriff, Randall oversees the Detention Division and all Detention related services. The Detention Division of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office is comprised of over 300 employees including both sworn and civilian staff as well as numerous community volunteers. Included in the Division are the Main Adult Detention Facility, North County Detention Facility, Inmate Programs, Electronic Monitoring Program, and Court Movement.

Assistant Sheriff Walker was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and served 9 years active duty in the United States Army prior to joining the Sheriff's Office in 1991. He has remained committed to continuing his education and has completed multiple courses in supervision, management, and leadership to include the National Jail Leadership Command Academy in Houston, Texas. Randall and his wife are proud parents of three boys. He looks forward to continuing his public service to Sonoma County and its citizens.

The Main Adult Detention Facility (MADF) is located at 2777 Ventura Avenue in the Hall of Justice Complex.

The Main Adult Detention Facility (MADF) was opened in 1991. This "new generation" facility was based on a "direct supervision" design, as opposed to the "linear" design of the County's earlier jails. Originally designed to hold close to 500 inmates, the facility quickly reached its housing capacity and an expansion was opened in 1997 to provide an additional 290 beds. The facility is a medium/maximum security facility, housing both pre-trial and sentenced inmates.


The direct supervision concept at MADF encourages officer contact with inmates and emphasizes the use of interpersonal communication skills. Officers provide a leadership role and make themselves available to inmates by using the new generation/direct supervision model for inmate management.


Currently, facility staffing includes 145 Correctional Officers, 18 sergeants, 5 lieutenants, and one captain. Support staff includes 29 legal processors, 22 detention assistants, 18 cooks and 7 janitors.


The primary duties of a Correctional Officer are the supervision and care of inmates while in custody. In addition to these duties, there are a variety of other assignments and specialty positions Correctional Officers can work. These positions are either incorporated into their daily assigned positions, or are three- year assignments. These positions include:

  • Specialized Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • Facility Training Officer (FTO)
  • Mental Health Core Officer
  • Male Special Core Officer
  • Central Control Officer
  • Court Holding/Movement Officer
  • Gang Intelligence Officer
  • Contact Visiting Officer
  • Classification Officer
  • Disciplinary Grievance Officer (DGO)
  • Program Officer


In addition to the above assignments, two Correctional Sergeants and two Correctional Officers are assigned to the Administration Division as:

  • Internal Affairs Sergeant
  • Background Investigations Sergeant
  • Background Investigator
  • Training Coordinator

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