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Administrative Services Director Heidi Keith

Administrative Services Director, Heidi Keith is a long standing County and Sheriff’s Office employee whose career has exposed her to all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office operations. Heidi graduated locally from Montgomery High School. She attended California State University, Chico where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Speech Communication. Heidi went on to earn a Master’s in Public Administration from USC’s School of Public Policy, Planning, and Development.  She started her public sector career while in college where she worked for several elected State officials including Governor Deukmejian. Before joining the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Heidi worked for several cities including the City of Roseville for 8 years. During her 8 years with the City of Roseville, Heidi worked as an Analyst for the City Manager and later was promoted to the position of Transportation Manager in the Public Works Department. After returning to Santa Rosa in 1997, Heidi secured the position of Department Analyst for the Sheriff’s Office.  Heidi spent several years working directly with law enforcement and detention operations staff before being promoted to Administrative Services Officer (ASO). She held the ASO position for 7 years where her main responsibility was the overall development and management of the Sheriff’s Office budget, contract administration, and grant management. Heidi was promoted to Administrative Services Director in 2012.  During her tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, Heidi has been involved with all of the administrative and fiscal aspects of both the Law Enforcement and Detention Divisions including all twenty one Sheriff’s operating bureaus.  

The Fiscal Bureau consists of a wide range of administrative functions which support all the Sheriff’s various operations. The Bureaus’ ultimate responsibility is to provide the fiscal oversight for the entire Office. As such, it serves as the direct liaison to the County Administrator’s Office and other County departments. The Bureau is headed by the Administrative Services Director who is responsible for the executive management of the Bureau which consists of 4 separate units: Administration & Budget, Payroll, Purchasing, and Accounting.


The Budget Unit consists of Administrative Service Officers and Department Analysts. This Unit is critical to the success of the Sheriff’s overall operations.  The Unit prepares, coordinates, and monitors the Sheriff’s 125+ million dollar budget, which consists of 21 operating units, 20 special funds, and several trust funds.  The Administration & Budget group is responsible for; providing critical fiscal oversight throughout the year, performing all budgetary transfers, acting as key advisors for various fiscal issues, the preparation and coordination of Board agenda items, contract and grant management, as well as work on special projects. In addition to the responsibilities described above, the group is instrumental in foreseeing and resolving a wide range of fiscal and administrative issues.


The Purchasing, Payroll, and Accounting Units are overseen by an Accounting Manager position.  The Purchasing Unit consists of Administrative Aide, Account Clerk, and Storekeeper positions. The Unit is responsible for handling all purchases ordered and received throughout the Office, tracking accounts payable and resolves any issues, assisting with budget preparation by providing product and cost information, issuing uniforms and equipment to Sheriff’s personnel and performing mail delivery services Office-wide.  The Payroll Unit consists of Payroll Clerk and Account Clerk positions and is responsible for the bi-weekly payroll processing and on-going employee data maintenance for the County’s payroll system.  The Unit provides expertise and assistance on human resource and employee benefit information to over 700 full and part-time employees.  The Accounting Unit consists of Accountant and Account Clerk positions and is responsible for all of the financial reporting of grants, special programs, and contracts to meet County, State, and Federal requirements. The Accounting Unit performs; indirect and overhead rate calculations, billings for a wide range of Sheriff’s services, monetary reconciliations, audits, travel arrangements, and other accounting tasks that affect both the Law Enforcement and Detention Divisions.


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